Seminar of the Five



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The Graduate Program in Political Science announces the program of the Seminar of the Five of the first semester of 2019.

April 10 - Popular Sovereignty and Radical Democracy: Challenges in the Rise of Right Guest: Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Baiocchi (New York University) April 17 - A Brief History of Marxism Guest: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Musse (USP) April 24 - Constitutional policy in coalition presidentialism Guest: Prof. Dr. Rogério Arantes (USP) May 8 - What does Political Science have to say about race in Brazil? Proposal of a research agenda Guest: Profa. Dr. Marcia Lima (USP) May 22 - The interfaces of the School "without party" with Fundamentalisms Guest: Prof. Dr. Gaudêncio Firgotto (UERJ) May 29 - Ideologies of Brazilian Political Thought: a preliminary approach Guest: Prof. Dr. Christian Lynch (IESP) June 5 - Sharing and Control: Government Coalitions and Their Effect in the Legislative Guest: Profa. Dr. Andréa Freitas and Profa. Dra. Ana Flávia Magalhães