Postdoctoral Scholarship thematic projet “The quality of Brazilian democracy: political representation, parties and the integrity system”



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About the event

  • 1. The Center for Public Opinion Studies (CESOP) at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the Center for Public Policy Research (NUPPS) at the University of São Paulo, open this call for applications for 1 (one) postdoctoral scholarship (PD) to act in research on the Project “The Quality of Brazilian Democracy: political representation, parties and the Integrity System” (Process FAPESP nº 18 / 02738-0), under the direction of Professor Rachel Meneguello.
  • For information about this project, just access and
  • This PD scholarship is part of a project with content pre-approved by FAPESP, whose main objective is to analyse the quality and functioning of the Brazilian democratic system focusing on two of its main dimensions: the first concerns political representation, with an emphasis on electoral and interest organization institutions; and the second, which seeks to investigate the mechanisms of inspection and control of the abuse of power.
  • The PD scholarship in question will be allocated to the first dimension of the project, which concerns the functioning of democracy, with an emphasis on the representative system and party democracies, and on the recent transformations of democratic politics in a comparative perspective. The project must contain two guidelines that interconnect formal political institutions and the behavior of individuals: the first is institutional contextual, with the objective of analyzing mechanisms and institutions that produce democratic accountability, such as the effects of electoral systems, the organization rules of party systems, the volume and nature of the alternatives in elections. The second orientation concerns political and electoral behavior, aiming to assess the impact of electoral institutions and party contexts on the choices and incentives of individuals in relation to institutions and the functioning of democracy. Data from the collection of the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Project (, of which this project is a part, must necessarily be used in carrying out the research. The selected scholarship holder must be involved in participating in scientific events, publications, and conducting disciplines associated with the topic for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The selected candidate is also expected to participate in the research activities of the Thematic Project (whose headquarters are CESOP, at UNICAMP, and NUPPs, at USP Butantã), such as seminars and study groups (including presential activities). The Postdoctoral fellowship is granted abd regulated by the São Paulo State Research Support Foundation (FAPESP) and aims to reinforce the staff of the research centres through the engagement of young doctor (s) in teaching and research activities. The scholarship lasts for 12 months, renewable for another 12 months. The current value is R$ 7,373.10 taxfree monthly, plus technical reserve resources of 15% of the annual scholarship amount.
  • 2. Registration: Registration is open from 07/26/2021 until 09/6/2021. Interested parties should send an e-mail entitled “Post-Doctoral Scholarship” to the electronic address, with a copy to, with a dossier containing the following documents: i) Curriculum Vitae for foreigners; ii) Complete postgraduate school history (with stamp and signature or with an authenticity code); 2.1 The transcript must contain the approval criteria (minimum grade) or a statement from the institution stating what the criteria are. iii) Certificate of completion of the doctorate; iv) Research Project, compatible with the research area of the Thematic Project, and following the rules of Fapesp projects The project, in a maximum of 20 pages, must contain (i) Cover pages containing the title of the proposed research project and abstract; (ii) statement of the problem; (iii) expected results; (iv) scientific and technological challenges and the means and methods to overcome them; (v) project execution schedule; (vi) dissemination and evaluation of results; (vii) other support (if any); (viii) bibliography. 
  • 3. Selection process:

The selection process will be carried out in two stages. The first will consist of the analysis of the documents delivered by the candidates. Those approved will be invited to the second stage of the process, which will consist of an interview, to be carried out by researchers from the Project via Skype, Google Meet, or similar tool. Results will be published at the following sites: and The respective links will be forwarded to those selected for the second phase by the Project team.

  • Additional important information:

For further information on the requirements for the candidate and the commitments and activities required by FAPESP, see The supervisor of the scholarship holder will be Professor Rachel Meneguello. The final result of the selection will be published both on the CESOP and NUPPS’ websites Acceptance of the scholarship will still be pending to the analysis of the Research Project and Activities Plan by FAPESP.

  • Selection Process Calendar:

Applications From 07/26/2021 to 09/06/2021;

Result of the First Stage 09/10/2021;

Interviews from 09/15/2021 to 09/16/2021;

Results 09/20/2021