Wave 5 – BES / 2018

charts based on data from ESEB 2018

BES 2018, the fifth wave of post-election academic research conducted in Brazil, is embedded in Module 5 (2016-2021) of the University of Michigan Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) Project. The main objective of this module is to analyze citizens' attitudes towards political elites, the rule of the majority, and minorities and groups on the fringes of politics in representative democracy. It also seeks to gather subsidies to examine, from a citizen's perspective, the policy of contestation and populist attitudes and to explore the relationship between the rise of populist proposals and parties and the presence of populist attitudes among citizens. In addition to the issues that are part of the CSES international module, BES-2018 applied specific questions to understand populism in Brazilian democracy such as trust / distrust in the political class, distancing from politics, corruption, opinions about redistributive actions, the preference for political regimes and the cognition of democracy.